Corfu beach Private Tour to Canal D’Amour, Porto Timoni & Palaiokastritsa: The natural masterpieces of Corfu

Enjoy a Private Corfu Trip Including Canal D'Amour and discover the sculpted sandstone rocks and crystal waters

Enjoy a Corfu Beach Private Tour including Canal D’Amour and discover the sculpted sandstone rocks and crystal waters. Discover Corfu beaches with us on an amazing scenic Private one day Corfu tour. Enjoy the sun and the sea breeze while swimming and exploring the most iconic beaches and beauties of Northwest Corfu. We Handcraft Private, immersive, guided tours to the natural and cultural wonders of Corfu.

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Canal D’Amour is a natural work of art, a creation of the sea itself, surprises and impresses the thousands of visitors from every corner of the globe who visit it every year. This place is the famous Canal D’amour, in the Northern part of Corfu, whose fame today has exceeded the borders of Europe.

The canal of love with the small coves and the beautiful caves looks like a natural painting, while it has been an ideal cinematic setting many times such as the Durrell’s television series. According to tradition, if you swim through the narrow canal of Canal d’ Amour beach, you’ll get married soon!

This place actually is a natured creation and particularly an opening between the rocks which has been created by the waves and the corrosive effect of water on the rocky surface. It impresses everyone at first sight, while those who swim in the caves and see the white sculpted rocks rise impressively from the depths of the sea believe that they have been carved by a skilled artist.

The small beaches, the occult canals that have been created over time, combined with the strange details of nature and the whole atmosphere that exudes the Canal D’amour compose the most romantic setting. Apart from romantic legends Canal D’amour has many beneficial and healing properties for the body due to the large reserves of clay that extend in the area. During the summer season, it is an ideal destination for unforgettable dives, diving and water sports!