Corfu Private Village Tour: Discover “Valanio”, one of the best hidden gems in Corfu Villages

Corfu private village tour
Corfu private village tour

Corfu Private Village Tour in Valanio: Enjoy a journey of wellness, culture &  musical tradition

We will share with you a story for a little village which is built in the northern part of Corfu. The village Valanio is a small village in northern Corfu about four hundred inhabitants. The hidden village of Valanio is located right where the steep slopes of the hills surrender to the wild beauty of the Corfiot nature. The history of this traditional settlement is said to begin somewhere in the 15th century. It is 28 km from the City of Corfu .The village Valanio was built around 1400mch.

Its name comes from the latin word «valanion», a word that which was once used by the Romans for public baths. However, in ancient Greece Valania was referred to the private baths at the luxury homes and sometimes to the public baths for the inhabitants of the cities. As you will realize soon by reading our story, Valanio used to be the “spa” of the Romans since it is rumored that a tiny Roman bath was built once on the shores of today’s village’s lake named as Mavrolimni.

According to the legend, Princess Argyro used to enjoy her morning walk and drink water from this spring and this kind of water was the reason why she remained young and beautiful.…Today, the village has less than 400 inhabitants who are engaged in their passion for tradition and music. The choir of the village, the so-called “koro” as they call it is one of the most famous in Greece, since it counts centuries with its improvised songs.

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