1. Looking for Luxurious Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers?

Corfu tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

What to do in Corfu from a cruise ship? Discover the Top things to do when you are visiting Corfu on a cruise ship!

Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers, a handcrafted article from the Corfu Experience travel design team for all the Corfu Cruise Passengers who want to take the most of Corfu in just one Full or Half Day private corfu tour.

Corfu is one of the most popular cruise destinations in Greece with over 650.000 cruise passengers visiting the island every year, on more than 450 ships. Corfu is a place to enjoy historical sites, nature and tasting the fruits of life. Known as the greenest island in Greece, it is lush with abundant wild plant life.

The island has a mountainous landscape, with the highest mountain being 914 meters, and a dramatic coastline that attracts cruise visitors to seaside villages and wonderful beaches. The Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site with a good number of historical landmarks, museums and cultural sites to explore.

The Greek island of Corfu has a lot to offer. Corfu’s old town, the Achilleion Palace, and the monastery of Paleokastritsa are top highlights to visit, but there are many other attractions to enjoy beyond the sites drenched in history.

Top Things and Tours to do on a cruise to Corfu for cruise passengers
Here are the top things to do on a cruise to Corfu. Choose one of our corfu private tours for cruise passengers and discover the most iconic sights pf Corfu just in One Day.

Corfu Tour: Explore Corfu’s Old Town and Visit the museums 
* Ideal Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

In the Old Town, Corfu cruise visitors will find eight unique museums to visit. The Museum of Asian Art and the Antivouniotissas (Byzantine) Museum are unique in their own right. But there are other interesting museums with rare exhibits to visit. Join us in a private cultural tour in the Historical centre of Corfu Old Town. Walk the narrow streets of the old town of Corfu and enjoy a unique tour of the city where three cultures met and which connects East and West.

Let yourself wander the paved alleyways of the old town center of Corfu, trying to reveal its secrets, meet hospitable locals in the neighborhoods and listen to their interesting stories and experience the culture and history of this island, enjoying the cosmopolitan feel of this place.

A walk through the old town of Corfu will satisfy even the most demanding Corfu cruise passenger visitor!

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Corfu Tour: Visit the religious sites of Corfu in just One day
* Ideal Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Corfu has such a rich history that the cruise traveler will have the opportunity to visit very interesting and diverse religious sites like the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the Catholic Cathedral, the Synagogue or the Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater. Moving a liitle bit out of Corfu Town let’s discover the monasteries of Corfu together, learn about life there and mainly the life of an ascetic, having found the meaning of life, happiness and peace within God’s plans and prayers.

It shall be a special day, a day close to people that have devoted themselves to God, a great opportunity of soul-searching, devotion, and peace of mind.

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Corfu Tour: Discover Mon Repos Palace and the Achilleion Palace
* Ideal Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

The Achilleion Palace and the Mon Repos Palace are two of Corfu’s most beloved attractions. Choosing this Private Corfu tour you will Admire the most Iconic Sights of Corfu in One Day.

Well, with so many must do things on Corfu Island only one visit is never enough. We have organized though an exclusive Corfu Grand island Private Tour just for you which includes some highlights you simply can’t afford to miss. During this Corfu Experience Corfu Tour you will turn into an explorer who is ready to take in everything Corfu has to offer.

Together we will enjoy walks in the traditional villages, we will taste unique local products, we will sail in the blue-green seas and the mythical secret caves, we will visit the places with the most shocking view, we will live like the locals and we will get a taste of their hospitality and their amazing traditional Corfiot food.

We will step into the royal shoes of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria known also as Sissy by visiting her majestic palace(*) and its botanical gardens called Achillion, which is built in a location taught by God.

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Corfu Tour: Visit Paleokastritsa Monastery and traditional Corfu villages
* Ideal Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Relatively close to the cruise port, the Paleokastritsa Monastery is a highlight included on full-day shore excursions of the island. This tour also include visits to wonderful, quaint, traditional Corfu’s Picturesque Villages, a scenic and cultural tour that ypu will cherich forever.

You will be surely amazed with the details of their everyday life, the authentic life, closely related to nature, traditions and those happy moments that bring about much fun, entertainment, and happiness.

Let’s discover this world together with our Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers!

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Corfu Tour: Dive into the Amazing Corfu Beaches
* Ideal Corfu Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Cruise travelers who are not interested in cultural sites will find spectacular beaches close to Corfu’s cruise port. In just one or half day, visit the most iconic beaches of Corfu, swim in crystal clear turquoise waters in densely vegetated landscapes, explore famous sea caves, enjoy the tranquility offered by remote hidden beaches and try Corfu’s recipes in front of the sea.. Enjoy the sun and the sea breeze while swimming and exploring the most iconic beaches and beauties of Northwest Corfu.

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