Kumquat: The story behind the ‘Golden Orange’ of Corfu Island

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Discover "Merlin", the story of the “golden” estate and dive into a unique kumquat experience.

Elevate your senses and taste Kumquat, the “Golden Orange”. This unique product growing solely on the island of Corfu, constitutes a tiny fruit which was brought to Corfu from the Far East over the last century. Its rich history will lead us about 150 years back to time, when an English nature lover and nobleman, named Charlie Merlin, visited Corfu island.

He was fascinated by the beauty of this island and decided to explore its nature. During his stay at the area of ​​Dassia this place immediately piqued his interest. Today’s seaside resort was once a rich and enchanting landscape with a variety of wildlife. The British naturalist discovers during his morning walk in Dassia, a huge area of ​​600 acres that cursed territorial fertility. Without any second thought, he decides to buy a big part of land and build a luxurious mansion for himself and his family.

Sydney’s eldest son was the most “troubled” spirit in the family. His passion for exploring nature makes him decide to take over his father’s estates. After a trip to America, he recommends to the locals the cultivation of a Californian variety of oranges, which greatly benefited the economy of Corfu, as well as its cultivation gave jobs to many locals. But the anxious botanist did not stop there. After research and his trip to Asia, he introduces to Corfu the “golden orange” of Japanese origin cum cuat. It was so successful that growers and visitors from all over the world traveled to Corfu to taste the famous golden fruit.

Today, kumquat is the trademark of Corfu island and its reputation as our traditional delicacy has surpassed Corfu since even in foreign airports one can find traditional products based on its fruits such as jam and liqueur. Most locals and tourists love to taste this refreshing juice from the delicious oranges since today they are the most famous and sought after in all of Greece.

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