Spring, the most beautiful season of the year in Corfu

Corfu, a cosmopolitan and the most beautiful island of Greece, ranks among the best travel destinations worldwide.

Most of the travelers prefer visiting this island during the summer months, pursuing the beaches with emerald blue waters and the lush greenness.

However, Corfu is ideal to visit even in springtime, since Corfu is scenic in springtime: special Easter festivities, being one of a kind and the verdant green of Corfu, after winter blues and fatigue, are pure balm.

From north to south, each corner reveals colorful pictures and emotions. Vast olive groves, vineyards, forests with extremely tall cypresses, cedars and different types of oak trees, planted along the roads, offer absolute relaxation to holidaymakers.

Dozens of wildflowers, daisies, orchids, poppies and marshmallow plants, spread their delightful fragrance in the air. Different types of butterflies in various colors flying around pick up pollen while sipping the flowers’ nectar. Singing birds, like nightingales and goldfinches compete with each other, taking place in a bird singing competition.

Wild herbs grow on mountain slopes of Corfu under the first warm rays of the sun.

In springtime, the gentle sunlight, when still the sun is not too hot is pleasant, only adding to the natural beauty of Corfu and shows up the clear daytime sky and the crystalline waters, thus creating scenic moments.

The temperature on the island of Corfu in springtime is ideal for nice walks around the town or tours of beaches and villages. This island features great natural environment, warm weather and relaxation, just before the crowds arrive during the summer months.

In springtime, you can get rid of your winter wardrobe, dressed up in your favorite outfit and with much happiness you can enjoy the most unique holidays in the best conditions close to mother earth.