Thematic Corfu Private Tours

Choose your Corfu Private Tour Experience tailored to your wishes and dive into Corfiot History, Culinary and Culture. Meet the locals and connect with them through our unique authentic experiences.

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1) Corfu Private Yacht Cruise, a luxurious private full day sea tour on the coastline of Corfu!

A luxurious private sea tour on the coastline of Corfu! Enjoy the Ionian sun while swimming to the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

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2) Admire the Most Iconic Sights of Corfu in One Day & immerse into the beauty of the island

A magical journey to all the famous spots that every demanding traveler in Corfu should definitely visit. This Grand Island Tour is an All Inclusive Luxury. Well, with so many must do things on Corfu Island only one visit is never enough.

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Corfu Private Wine tour

3) Food Scenic Tour: Taste the local products and dive into Corfu’s culinary treasures

Is it possible in one day for a visitor to get to know all the famous products of Corfu? Come with us and your senses will be satisfied with the flavors and the aromas.

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4) Luxury Private Cocktail Cruise – Half Day

A luxurious half- day private sea tour on the coastline of Corfu! Enjoy the Ionian sun while swimming to the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea along with excellent homemade cocktails.

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5) The Durrells meet James Bond: An amazing scenic Cinematic Tour

The flashback to the magical locations of Corfu where famous movies were filmed is just beginning.
3,2,1  Let’s go!

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Corfu Cooking Class, The Corfu Experience, Corfu private Tours

6) Corfu Cooking Class: An authentic private culinary experience

Give a valuable gift to you and your friends. Enjoy a special gastronomic experience, cooking with us the authentic recipes of Corfu. Immerse yourself in the culinary history and practices of Corfu during this Live traditional cooking class. Prepare Corfiot dishes using local, fresh ingredients.

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7) Old Perithia: A Legendary Tour of the Abandoned Village & the Secrets of the North

The highest mountain of Corfu, Mount Pantokratoras, hides secrets on its slopes. The abandoned village of old Perithea with its legends and traditions but also beautiful landscapes that will excite nature lovers.

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8) Enjoy a private tour to the most Instagrammable sights of Corfu.

Make sure your camera’s are ready to capture…Make sure your cell phones have been charge otherwise we can arrange for you a professional photographer The spectacle that follows will last at your memory for a lifetime.
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Corfu Town Private Tour

9) A Cultural tour in the Historical centre of Corfu Old Town

Walk the narrow streets of the old town of Corfu and enjoy a unique tour of the city where three cultures met and which connects East and West.

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Corfu Olive Oil Tour

10)The culture of Corfu olive oil, a 500 years old heritage tour

The “liquid gold” as Homer described it and the agricultural traditions in the villages to the south of Corfu. Come with us to the south of Corfu, joining this magical tour of knowledge, history and taste and let us introduce you to the details of olive cultivation and olive oil production.

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Corfu village Private tour

11) Picturesque Villages, a scenic and cultural tour to the northwest of Corfu

An experiential tour of the everyday life and sites at places of unparalleled beauty. How are the houses and old mansions in the villages of Corfu? What do people in the coffee houses of the villages talk about? Which are their crafts, farming and daily habits? Why the food here is so delicious?

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12) Experience Corfu’s charms on a full day Family Adventure

A Corfu Experiencce Luxury Family Tour specifically designed and tailored to families and offers a mix of education and exploration so you all come back refreshed. From canoeing to the underwater boat trip we have designed this adventure to you and the whole family in order to have the chance to explore and learn together!

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Corfu Folklore Private Tour

13) The unique folklore traditions in the villages of middle Corfu.

A unique tour of authentic experiences in the traditional places of Corfu, belonging to the past. Learn about the life of past generations and be amazed with the simple, authentic life and ingenuity of our ancestors.

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14) A Magnificent Route through the hidden villages of the South Corfu

Mix with the locals, explore the hidden gems of the Southern Corfu and get introduced to the Corfiot way of life in the most authentic way possible!

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A day at the Corfu farm, an agricultural tour

15) A day at the Corfu farm, an agricultural tour

Get a tour of the picturesque villages of Corfu, let’s plant, water the vegetable gardens and take care of the animals, discovering their magical world of Corfiot nature. Discover all the process behind cultivating your own organic products.

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16) Discover the most Iconic Gardens of Corfu

Join us on this luxurious private journey, get lost in nature and discover the most beautiful gardens of Corfu that have inspired so far many artists and Hollywood directors.

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Religious private tours in Corfu - Churches and monasteries in Corfu

17)Monasteries in Corfu, a religious journey back to the 12th century

A tour of life and religious traditions of people in the countryside of Corfu. Let’s discover the monasteries of Corfu together, learn about life there and mainly the life of an ascetic, having found the meaning of life, happiness and peace within God’s plans and prayers.

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Corfu Cultural private tour

18) The cultural heritage of the Corfiot countryside

A multidimensional overview of modern history, Fine Arts and traditions of Corfu.

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