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16) Discover the most Iconic Gardens of Corfu


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Corfu has long inspired artists, writers and travelers with the beauty of its natural landscapes and intrigued them with its unusual cultural history. An island known not only for its turquoise waters but also for its rich nature and landscapes. Join us on this luxurious private journey, get lost in nature and discover the most beautiful gardens of Corfu that have inspired many artists and Hollywood directors. Our storyteller will inform you about those garden’s history and she will share with you the secrets each of them has!

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Points of visiting

1.Feel the Relaxation A historic garden devoted to the Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governon of Greece
gardens - meuseum
2.Live like a Local Coffee break: Taste the immense aromas of a handmade Greek coffee at a traditional coffeehouse.
3.Dive Into History Achillion Palace: A garden that looks like popped out of a fairytale page
4.Feel the Relaxation Wandering among an old mansion's mystic garden
5.Experience the Hospitality Lunch at a traditional tavern in the Corfiot countryside.

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  We create Experience, not transfers

We handcraft 100% Private Full Day Experiences (not just a transfer) with an unforgettable itinerary, to ensure that you skip the lines (all entrance tickets are pre-booked/paid by us). A professional private local guide is always included along with a luxurious 5-star service and lunch at a local restaurant.

 Everything is included in One Price


Lunch is included in a handpicked local reastaurant to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Corfu.

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1)Pick-up from and return to your desired place.

2)Luxury Mercedes bus, glass roof, offering air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, leather seats, TV monitors, first-aid kit, and mini-bar (water, juice, and refreshments) throughout the tour.

3)Experienced & professional driver.

4)Experienced English-speaking tour guide.

5)All rental and accommodation expenses for the places we visit.

6)All costs for each partner that offers services.

7)Entrance fees for museums and historic sites (when needed).

8)All coffee break expenses (snack, coffee, ice cream).

9)All expenses for a full lunch (appetizers, salads, side dishes, mainly dishes, desserts, drinks).

10)All taxes.


ONLY your own expenses concerning personal items, souvenirs or any other service you may choose

11 reasons to choose "The Corfu Experience" travel agency.

1)You save time and energy, without having to rent a car and drive or manage the road network of Corfu.

2)You explore the beauties of Corfu just in one day, with absolute comfort, while you are offered services of the highest quality.

3)You experience the authentic way of life on Corfu with no stress, being far away from mass tourism destinations and crowded seaside resorts.

4)We have planned to visit hidden gems of Corfu, that are not commonly known, but only local experts do know about.

5)We have organized far in advance your tour, paying attention to every detail, making good use of your time so that team will enjoy this tour to the fullest.

6)We create a list with various destinations so that you will have the opportunity of visiting many places with no delays, squeeze, or exhaustion.

7)We make reservations in advance concerning every place to be visited and we take care of everything in order to ensure that you are offered the greatest services.

8)We always reserve tickets in advance concerning every place to be visited, so that you do not have to wait in a long queue.

9)You are allowed to consume alcohol products.

10) The tour guides are trusted local guides and will always be by your side, providing you with assistance in any matter.

11)No hidden costs for transfers, entrance fees or lunch- the price you see is what you.

Experience it.

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Please notice that everything will be organized with safety and responsibility emphasized on the guarantee of luxury 5* services of “The Corfu Experience” Travel Agency.

Within the next few hours, you will receive a full itinerary of your private thematic tour with a detailed description, including the meeting point that you have selected along with all of the places to be visited, distances, maps, trip duration, weather conditions, payment process, and completion of your booking.

Live with us one day in Corfu, exactly as you have dreamed it.

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