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Ideal for couples, families and small corporate groups.

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu
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Discover everything about Corfu in one day with our local tour guides and skip the waiting lines.

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Our prices always include entrance tickets, lunch and tour guide.

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Experience the greatness of Corfu Island in an authentic way. Live among the Corfiots, become one of them. Enjoy your Corfu Private Tour with comfort, luxury and safety. We create 100% Personalised and Private Shore and Sea Excursions


Travel your senses

Live the diversity of the Corfiot landscapes, flavours and emotions.

Corfu Folklore Private Tour

Discover hidden gems

Explore the authenticity behind the Corfiot traditions and everyday life.


Savour the local diversity

Let yourself connect to the Corfiot hospitality, people, history and culture.

Summer 2022

Corfu Private Luxury Tours

Select the Corfu Private Thematic Tour that suits your taste and enjoy authentic, individualized experiences that you’ll cherish forever.


from our beloved travellers

We have never expected to have so bright moments during only one day. We have visited places in Corfu that most people don’t know actually exist and meet with authentic locals, who became the narrators of brilliant stories from the past. It was an unforgettable experience that we would heartily recommend.

Debby & Marion

Our tour of the villages of Corfu had many great surprises. We were surprised with the hospitality of common people in the alleyways of the villages and the fact that we always heard “good morning” from people standing outside their home. The cooking experience in the countryside was brilliant and our dish was delightful.

Philip M.

We were always searching for more and more things to see, touch, feel and hear. Original ideas of tours, contact with amazing locals and lovely organization of the whole experience.

Gary B.

We had a full experience with our friends and if we had much more time for holidays we would choose to spend it with you again, for sure. We never felt like common customers, but like friends and your guests. This was the most important to us and the most pleasant day of our holidays in Corfu. Thank you!

Jouni K.

We have been visiting Corfu for 20 years and “the corfu expereince” was a big surprise, a unique experience. Thank you for offering this tour of undiscovered places and making us learn about the culture of the countryside in Corfu, a place that we so much love.

Jan Erik

This is Greece

- Odysseas Elytis

If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her.

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

This is Greece

- Euripides

Experience, travel - these are an education themselves


This is Greece

- Henry Miller

It takes a lifetime to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.


The Corfiot Life

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The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

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Corfu Folklore Private Tour

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The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

Corfu, the island that introduced tourism in Greece


Corfu, the island with 4,000,000 olive trees

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

Spring, the most beautiful season of the year in Corfu